Minnesota Survey

MSI provides survey and polling specifically for the Minnesota market covering everything from products to politics. We are the Minnesota experts.

Polls and surveys can be targeted to men, to women, to a certain age range, to voters, or to any other demographic considerations you need. We can work with pre-existing lists that you have or secure lists for you. We also have the capability to leverage all social media platforms to derive a true sampling of the market.

We do local, state, and national opinion polling. With each opinion poll, the questions are tailored to your exact specifications to ensure that you get completely accurate results.

Whether you need to survey hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people, we have the capacity, technology, and the expertise to accurately get you the data that you need.

The most important factor in the quality of a survey is the survey sample. How many men vs. women are in the sample? How many people over 80 years old? How many Republicans vs. Democrats vs. Independents?

Minnesota Survey is an expert at obtaining survey samples that are highly representative of the survey’s targeted population. Several factors help us to be the best.

  • We strive to obtain the largest possible sample size. Larger sample sizes improve accuracy and reduce margin of error. Many survey firms will cut corners and collect smaller samples to save on costs — We are committed to delivering survey results that are second to none in the market place.
  • The proper weighting of a sample is essential to reduce bias and ensure the sample better represents the target population. Weighting is a necessity for virtually all survey samples—yet many survey firms do not weight their results. For every survey project, MSI studies the demographics of the target population and formulates an appropriate weighting model. For example, on average women answer the phone 53-57% of the time leading to survey samples with a gender ratio that is biased toward women. To correct this, the men respondents in the survey sample are given slightly more weight so that the gender ratio more closely reflects the target population.
  • Looking to survey a hard to reach demographic group? MSI has successfully completed surveys of highly targeted populations. Some of our recent surveys targeted demographic group such as:
    • 18 – 20 year old children of dairy farmers
    • Parents with teenage children involved with FFA
    • People that work remote more than 40 hours a week
    • Voters who had seen/read certain advertisements

Quality survey results begin with a well-conceived survey questionnaire. We are involved every step of the questionnaire development process to ensure that every survey project is as successful as possible. Come with your own survey questions, or let our Polling & Research team develop the questions to fit your exact needs.